October 29, 2008

Multitasking: Worse than Smoking Pot for your Brain? [Time Management video]


If you’re like me and work for yourself, you may have a tendency to multitask while “working.” It’s a bad habit of mine, and I know it doesn’t make me more efficient, or more productive. One habit in particular includes having too many windows open at the same time while writing: I check my email real quick, then text a friend and get some kind of facebook alert. Pretty soon, 10 inefficient minutes have gone by…or much longer. And, since I’m wasting time already, I go see what’s in the fridge.

The below video is super helpful for any entrepreneurs working from home. Thirty-five minutes long—and worth every minute. I was surprised how much I learned from this company and the guy promoting his work.

Another recent article in Boulder based magazine Natural Solutions reports how multitasking “impedes our ability to remember or to learn.”  The stats are clear—back in the day, advances in technology were supposed to free up more time for us, but as we all are learning, it’s had the opposite effect.

I challenge you to watch this sans interruption…good luck!

Watch the video here.

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Read 1 comment and reply

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