October 12, 2008

Post-racial nation? Barrack Hussein Obama outpolls Kerry, Gore, even winning Clinton w/ white voters.

After two strong but not game-changing debates, Americans seem to be getting to know Obama—and liking what they see. Reasonable, thoughtful, “likable enough”, straightforward, strong on the economy—not the terrorist Muslim of their nightmares or email inbox.

So after a few recent posts on elephantjournaldotcom—and dozens of articles in the mainstream press about Palin and McCain and their increasingly angry (“Who is the real Barack Obama?,” “pals around with terrorists,” “off with his head,” even a cry of “kill him!,” which Palin failed to criticize) fans…I turned on the tube, after a long walk with my dog this rainy Sunday morning, to find that Obama is at 43 and 46% with white voters in two new polls. 

Clinton: 43%

Gore: 42%

Kerry: 41%

No Democrat since LBJ lost the South with his Great Society (progressive for blacks) has won a majority of white voters.

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