October 7, 2008

Sarah Palin Debate Flowchart. Ahahahahahahahhaah slash true slash depressing. Bonus video: Palin reads from notes.

Via Heather Mueller, elephant’s managing editor: Now, I’m not the quickest thinker when it comes to in-the-moment arguments and debates, so I have sympathy for those who panic when put on the spot. But, I’m not running for Vice President of the United States. Sarah Palin is, and sarcasm and winks won’t save her from the tough questions she’ll face in the White House if elected. 

With props to the Atlantic and thanks to the lovely, sharp, all-powerful, famous green Queen Simran Sethi for the e-tip.

While you’re at it, comment on Simran’s great new post on “Clean Coal” at the Huffington Post, support her great work.


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