October 24, 2008

Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice? Scott Kleeb (really) answers the question.

Via Heather Mueller via Good via Daily Kos, the young candidate Scott Kleeb nails this false, polarizing, destructive argument about abortion to the wall. Moving:


Via Good: “Scott Kleeb is a young Democrat running a quixotic senate campaign in Nebraska (though, with the current political landscape, it may be becoming less quixotic by the day). We don’t really know anything about Kleeb and his policies, but this video, in which he addresses a questioner asking him to define himself as pro-life or pro-choice, he responds with what we can only say is a pretty eloquent and concise explanation of what we’re trying to do here at GOOD: Transcend politics, ideologies, and prejudices, and find the best solutions to our world’s pressing problems.  Here’s the full text of Kleeb’s comments:

“…We get so fixated on having an argument, and defining each other, as opposed to what we actually want to do. What do we want to do? All of us, every single one of us in this country wants to get to zero. And yet we become so fixated on the same discussions we’ve had for thirty years. Discussions on energy that give us higher prices, discussions on the economy which means that we ship more jobs overseas, discussions on abortion which means the number of abortions goes up, rather than down. Discussions on health care which means fewer people actually get insured.

We don’t fix anything in this country anymore. On abortion, on health care, on energy, on the economy, on the environment–whatever the issue is we don’t fix things anymore. And it’s because we focus on labels and we focus on argument. As opposed to on solutions. The reason why we don’t have trust in our political leadership is because they have pointed the finger and have blamed and every Sunday morning we see them in 30 second sound bites saying “It’s not my fault we have a financial crisis–it’s their fault.” And the other person says “It’s not my fault we have a financial crisis–it’s their fault.” Well it’s all their faults and it’s our fault for perpetuating the same conversations that we’ve had.

If we want to get past this moment right now then we have got to recognize that we can do again what my granddad believed so deeply in. And we can work together despite whatever differences we might have for a shared and common goal. That’s what this moment is. These moments don’t come around very often and we have to take advantage of them.'”

Via Daily Kos.


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