October 11, 2008

The Designers Accord: A Kyoto Treaty for Designers

When I was in college, over wine and a campfire, my friend and I figured out a way to change the world. People would be green, conscious consumers if they knew what really went into the products they bought. We woud let them know by comprising a database of the business and environmental practices, sources of materials, and how the factory workers were treated of all products. When we woke up with aching heads the next morning, the question was where do we start?  Valerie Casey knew where. The Designers Accord, which Valerie wrote in Feburary 2007 out of frustration and optimism with what the creative community could do to  help the environment, has, as of May 2008, been signeover 100,000 designers, educators, reaserchers, educators, and corporate engineers from over 100 countries. All vow to promote dialogue about sustainability, look at their own business’ environmental practices, and share knowledge about sustainable design. This is change from the bottom up, instead of from the top down. Where was Valerie the morning after the campfire?

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