October 11, 2008

Vote the Environment 2008: Best Online Resources on McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden Environmental Policies

Maybe you’re a concerned, informed voter and maybe you’ve already done your research. But while I’ve watched all the debates thus far and read a fair amount of eco and political blogs, I feel like I know everyone’s opinion of McCain and Obama and Palin and Biden but don’t have a firm grasp of their actual platforms and policies. As the election approaches, I’m sure we could all use a little brushing up. Here are my favorite sources, some quick, some easy, some in-depth and some more fun that others:


The League of Conservation Voters has been rating politicians on their environmental voting record for years, which means that their records reach back to the start of our candidates’ careers, and don’t just rely on policies voiced in recent history. Obama has an average score of 96 from his two years in the Senate (not too shabby, and means he voted for the environment 96% of the time.) McCain, on the other hand, has a lifetime average score of 26. In 2007, he recieved a score of 0, due to missing every single vote that the league counted as environmentally crucial. Also on this site: interviews with the candidates and a pdf comparison chart

Cheat Sheet:

Plenty Magazine has put together an easy reference chart comparing Mcain, Obama, Palin and Biden on everything from clean coal to farming subsidies. Quick, painless and easy to follow. 

Grist’s comparison chart doesn’t include VP candidates, but does rate Independent Ralph Nader, Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney and Libertarian Rob Barr. 

Primary Sources:

While it may be frustrating to wade through the political sweet talk, it’s always best to go back to the horse’s mouth. Obama outlines his “New Energy for America” plan here and McCain his “Lexington Project” (named after Lexington, Massachusetts, where the Revolutionary War officially began) here


The internet offers overwhelming amount of contradictory arguments and opinions, so to keep things simple I’d suggest searching Barack and McCain on Grist, Obama and McCain on Treehugger, Obama and McCain on nytimes.com, and Obama and McCain on our dear little elephant. 

Did I leave out your favorite site? Post it below, with link. 

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