November 1, 2008

Yoga Instructor: Malaurie Barber of Lotus 7

Age: 35
Hometown: Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Studio: Lotus 7, Gold’s Gym
Times: Thursday 9am and Monday 7:30pm @ Lotus 7, Tuesday 6:30pm and Thursday 10:30am @ Gold’s Gym
Style: Hatha/Forrest and Kundalini
Email: [email protected]

We happened to stumble upon Maularie on the island of Kauai of Hawaii. She was vacationing at the Marriott in late September, lounging around the pool and cruising the beach.

Weakest Asana? Warrior 1
Strongest Asana? Down Dog
Favorite Asana? Down Dog
Training background (style, lineage)? Attended teacher training with Ana Forrest in 2003. In 2005, I studied Kundalini yoga with Gurumukh in Hollywood.
Is there a focus in your teaching style? Spirituality and breathe rather than a form of exercise. I try to bring mind, body, and spirit together as opposed to one or the other.
Regular personal practice? Meditation and chanting every morning.

Why do you practice yoga? It brings me back to being present and finding peace of mind that way.
Yogi diet? Lots of chocolate! Just kidding. You can’t deprive yourself of everything because you want to be a yogi. It’s about balance. 90% organic. Fish because of my blood type…A-.
Nude yoga? I’ve never heard of it, but why not?
Any religious affiliations? None.

Favorite yogic philosophy? Act, don’t react. Breathe before you react becuase things change and give you a new perspective. And wherever you are at today is exactly where you are supposed to be.
What is the importance of meditation in yoga? If I didn’t have my meditation practice, I would be crazy in the head. It centers me. It’s communication with god.
How can someone get the most out of their yoga practice? Breathe!
What else are you into? Massage therapist. Healing work. I love to read and write. Hiking.
What makes a good yoga studio? Atmosphere, energy, and community.
Where is your favorite place to practice yoga? Outside, near the lake by my house.
How does yoga work with the ego? It doesn’t. Because if you go to a yoga class with an ego, it ends up being about impressing people and not about the practice.

Born in France, Maularie moved to the USA about 15 years ago.

Who are your heros/heroines?: Ammachi! That’s my guru. She’s amazing.
What do you think of the yoga scene in California? Really strong in L.A. with many different styles. Where I live in Orange County, it’s more conservative.
Have you been to India? No. I want to go really bad. Tibet calls to me more though, but I don’t know why.
What’s the last thing you did to help the world be a better place? Besides the fact I’m a recycling fanatic…teaching, getting the word out there.
Any thank yous? Ana Forrest. Kristen Chanze, Elizabeth, and Jade.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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