November 11, 2008

Book review: The Ecology of Wisdom: Writings by Arne Naess (Alan Drengson and Bill DeVall, ed.)

This collection of essays written by Arne Naess, one of the founders of the Deep Ecology movement, is a well-written, thought provoking set of works from a man who is a national hero of sorts in Norway, but has yet to really make his mark here in the United States.  With luck, this collection will help to change that.  Naess’ essays can get rather technical at times, but remain approachable to everyone.  The essays written with a particularly light-hearted, even playful, tone still manage to get their point across and are a cause for reflection by the reader.  Drawing his inspiration from sources as diverse as Ghandi and Spinoza, Naess encourages his readers to look beyond the surface, both literally and figuratively, to see the world beneath and to explore our own interconnectedness with one another and with our planet. For Naess’ the concept of interbeing, not just with one another, but in fact with every life form as well as the planet itself, is not just an abstract concept; it is an absolute reality and necessity if we as a species are going to survive.  From Counterpoint Press and available from your local, independent bookstore. (Tell ’em Elephant Journal sent ya!)

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Read 2 comments and reply

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