November 8, 2008

Can’t decide? Use GoodGuide!

Got this forwarded to me by a co-worker.  GoodGuide is a database of information regarding common household products including hair care, cleaners and the like, similar to the Environmental Working Group, with one exception: you can get its information sent right to your cell phone.  You can even tailor make your list based on which products are free from animal testing/social performance, as well as which products are safest for your health and for the environment.  There are over 61,000 products on their list, so chances are you’ll find information about just about anything there. The only downside is that some of the information isn’t as complete as it could be.  For example, I did a search for Simple Green, and found that they are rated a zero out of 10, but no other information was given.  However, if I’m in the household cleaners aisle at my local market, I just need the quick and dirty anyway; I can always look up more information at home.  Stuck on which shampoo is safest?  Access GoodGuide and they can send you a text list of which products to avoid and which products are okay right there in the aisle.  You can even create a shopping list on their site and have it sent to you via text message. Sign up is free… what are you waiting for?

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