November 11, 2008

Dr. Howard Dean, the Governor of Vermont who thanks to netroots nearly became Democratic nominee for President in 2004, retires as head of Democratic Party.

His work done (a Democrat in the White House! A Democratic House and Senate, in part thanks to Dr. Dean’s controversial but ultimately successful 50-State strategy, which denied the Red State Blue State split and cultivated all of the US for a minority Liberal base—is stepping down. An outsider who took over the ultimate old boys’ club, he was never an easy fit for the status quo Democrats—and he failed to fundraise for Democrats half as much as the GOP, which raised enough to have more, with McCain’s dollars, than Obama + Democrats.

Why retired now? Traditionally, the duties of the head of the Democrats are light when a Democrat is President—and Dean may be in Obama’s cabinet in a role appropriate to his experience as a doctor. Deaniacs, read all about it!

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