November 2, 2008

Have you seen the footage of McCain’s Racist “Ex-“Pastor?

So much stink is made of Obama’s now-repudiated pastor Wright.  In the final days of the campaign, it gets dirtier and uglier.

But all the while, hardly mentioned is McCain’s nefarious pastor,  Rod Parsley. And why is that?  Could it just be that Obama didn’t want to lower himself to McCain’s level?  Maybe it’s because Obama promised to run a clean campaign, and chose to fight fire with truth.

Nonetheless, McCain’s pastor is a bigot and a racist, and McCain stood by him–until he finally distanced himself.  You can watch the double standard Video here:

McCain’s Spiritual Guide

McCain did go on to reject his pastor, and yet another pastor to whom he was linked, just as Obama has done. However, for some reason, McCain and his surrogates continue to attack Obama on the basis of his past associations with Rev. Wright.

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