November 14, 2008

Save Money, Save Energy and Shop Locally (sounds like a win/win/win)

 Remember back in 2006 when Boulder voters approved the Climate Action Plan (CAP) and it’s accompanying carbon tax? Neither do I, but it sounds like something we would do. Well, here is a concrete opportunity to take advantage of our tax dollars at work. Discounted (actually subsidized) prices are available until the funds run out at McGuckins on the following eco products:

  • Compact flourescent light bulbs – for as little as a buck each 

  • 7 outlet Smart Strip power strip # 05080601 (connects your peripherals to one strip allowing you to switch main component only off) – $5 off
  • Kill-A-Watt meter #05350590 (measures energy demand from your appliances) – $5 off – By the way, I have one of these you can borrow if you want.
  • Lux SmartTemp thermostat #05650680 (programmable thermostat) – also $5 off

You can even trade/exchange up to 5 working holiday string lights for a discount of up to 50% off on more efficient LED lights on November 20th at McGuckins from 4-8 pm. Last year, they collected 1,800 strands that will save 30,000 pounds of carbon dioxide annually.

For more info go to http://www.beclimatesmart.com/events/

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