November 11, 2008

The First Karmapa, Dusum Khyenpa’s Buddhist Dohas (Songs) & Collected Works, via Tony Duff.

Via Tony Duff, an American Buddhist translator: A couple of years ago, I posted a few songs of the First Karmapa to [the Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhist community]. They turned out to be popular.

The songs were taken from his Collected Works. His Collected Works were almost non-existent at the time (strange given his status as the founder of the Karma Kagyu but there was a lot of destruction of literature during the 1959 invasion of Tibet). We here at Padma Karpo Translation Committee have since preserved the whole edition and now make it available as an electronic edition that can easily be printed with the software that we provide with it. Some people on the list might like it just to print as a shrine object, others might like to have the collection for their own work.

After that, we continued the translation work and have just published a small book of all Dusum Khyenpa’s songs in the Collected Works. (Unfortunately there are not so many). The book also includes his transmission of a teaching on essence Mahamudra called “Mahamudra the Thunderbolt”. It is one of the many transmission of Mahamudra that came from India and were popular in the early days of the Kagyu.

The book of translated songs and teaching mentioned is available here.

The electronic edition of the collected works is available here.

Best wishes, Lama Tony and the staff at PKTC

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