November 25, 2008

The sunset of Guantanamo, the most un-American four syllables since ‘internment camps.’

Above: Rush Limbaugh’s Club Gitmo sells fun merchandise! At right, Japanese children in a WWII internment camp.

What’s the point of America, what might make us better than the rest, if not the promulgation of an idea? And what’s the idea about—if not about liberty, about The Golden Rule, about habeus corpus?


Since the Bush administration began transporting men and boys to Guantanamo Bay in January 2002, it has tried to prevent them from presenting their cases before a neutral federal judge. Indeed, the naval base was turned into a prison camp precisely to keep the detainees away from impartial courts. The government argued that federal courts had no jurisdiction over men detained on Cuban soil. Twice, the Supreme Court rejected that argument, finding that the United States exercises complete jurisdiction and control over the Guantanamo Bay base.

Finally, on November 20, in a stunning development…for the rest, click here.

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