November 29, 2008

To God or not to God? That is the billboard.

Coming soon to Colorado and other states of the nation: Full sized billboards that are not sporting messages from God but messages about the absence of God. This reminded me of what seems to be a more common trend lately. Bill Maher in his latest film Religulous mentioned that 16% of the American population identify as atheist, agnostic, or non-affiliated with any religious tradition. 16% of a population is a staggering number, a large enough group that if organized can have a mayor impact on the society at large. So now I begin to wonder, is America headed towards her own form of the Enlightenment? Will we begin to see thought moving away from religion?

Speaking of, Faith from American Public Media ran a piece on Secular Humanism as a growing movement.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about ethics, spirituality, religion, and faith. How do we determine what is sacred and is that sacred dependent upon the presence of a divine reality? For my own part I do not know and am for the time comfortable not to know, to be uncertain as to the “true” nature of the world. I would hazard a guess that a good number of those 16% are uncertain as well and find themselves troubled by the often uncompromising certainty that religions assert.

The Nation.

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