December 6, 2008

12 steps to a greener holiday season: deux fm event “love think eco chic”

Deux fm Holiday sales event- Weekend of Dec. 6 -7th (now!).

This holiday season I am humming a fusion version of the classic “Twelve days of Christmas” and the Alcoholics Anonymous program. I am calling it “12 steps to a greener Christmas”. The song isn’t really written all the way through per say but you can catch my drift.

The song covers buying locally and fairly made, good quality products, supporting eco-ethical companies and local environmental charities, basically making responsible choices except for drinking a little too much glogg.

Buy deux fm online at Nimli, Greenloop + Planet Threads or [email protected]

Side note: Normally, I will not blog on my own (eco) business—it seems too self promotional/absorbed, and not what ‘ele’ is about. Waylon, ele’s editor, does hound me on occasion to write certain things and some of them I do but most I don’t (hehe). All in all, I try and write something worth writing about. Today Waylon hounded me to blog this event for deux fm and I reluctantly agreed as it is good to support all things eco at this time of year…even if it happens to be my little eco company. So…check out the 50% online sale, this weekend only.

Oh yeah, so if and when you go shopping remember: QUALITY over QUANTITY & LESS = MORE.

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