December 26, 2008

New York Times: “Obama’s ‘Zen’ State”

As a Buddhist, I loooove it when ‘Zen’ is used willy-nilly to describe anyone who’s kinda focused, quiet, and peaceful. You know all the books: The Zen of Business Plans, the Zen of Freediving (I’m not making these up). But, so, it’s probably alright with me that Zen has made the mainstream, or some semblance of it has, anyway—I’m all for infiltrating pop culture as-long-as-the-roots-of-the-thing-come-along-with.

So, opening up today’s nytimes.com on my 17-inch beat ol’MacBook Pro, I smiled, growled, yawned and oi veyed when I saw the above headline.

And it’s not as if we totally didn’t already know that there was something totally Buddhistish about him, bro? So what’s the secret to his, like, imperturbality? It’s…Hawaii, dude. So chill, brotherman: here’s the articolo.

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Read 6 comments and reply

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