December 3, 2008

Whole Foods: Don’t Make us Stop Lovin’ You.

Photo via Flickr. Excerpt from the good folks at New Seasons:

As it turns out, because of their legal dispute with the FTC, Whole Foods has an opportunity to try and force us to give them copies of some of our most confidential financial records – for instance what our sales are, week by week, at each of our stores. They’ve also demanded all of our files that detail our strategic plans, all of our marketing plans and all of our studies about where we are considering opening new stores…

Here’s the rest of the article via New Seasons. Here’s the commentary that tipped me off to this latest, ungreatest development. While I personally admire John Mackey & Co for what they’ve done to mainstream green and hundreds, nay thousands of little companies—I hope everyone can play fair, walk the talk and be good to one another. When did such an aspiration become naive? Ain’t this Generation O?

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Read 5 comments and reply

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