January 18, 2009

Food, Inc. … coming to a Theater near you. [Global Warming + Michael Pollan + Fast Food Nation]

Want to see Food, Inc. for free? Thanks to Chipotle, the mindfully-sourced, Boulder, Colorado-based burrito and taco chain, you can. Click below for more info locations and dates.

I interviewed Michael Pollan last night, at the Naturally Boulder “Spring Fling” party…where I hobnobbed with the founders of Aurora, Horizon, Silk Soy/White Wave and many other big and small natural products companies.

As a vegetarian for six years, I found one of the most interesting things Mr. Pollan touched on was the fact that he’d examined whether he thought it was sustainable to continue to eat meat. He’d decided it was—as long as the cattle was grass-fed, etc. Check out the video interview to see/hear his reasoning in more depth.

Food, Inc., a new movie, goes into more depth on what’s going on with our food system, and how the vast majority of the 48,000 products in your average grocery store all come from corn. The trailer of the film, below, inspires me, a lazy non-cooking nacho-loving but environmentally-concerned bachelor to start really getting active with food issues, learning to cook more, and…to go out and see the movie. Because what’s depressing can inspire action, and what’s inspiring can also be fun, in a way:

Food writers Eric Schlosser (“Fast Food Nation”) and Michael Pollan (“The Omnivore’s Dilemma”) move to the big screen in “Food, Inc.,” a film that looks at what’s happened to the production of food in the last few decades.

Producer-director Robert Kenner’s movie, which had a screening Thursday night at Sony, covers a range of issues, from the effects of corn syrup on health and farming, to the ways animals are raised and killed, food-borne illnesses and the plight of farmers. The filmmakers, as you might guess from this image from the movie, don’t like a lot of what they see.

“The idea that you have to write a book to tell people where their food comes from shows how far removed” they are from it, Pollan says in the film.

“Food, Inc.” opens in June in 20 cities, Kenner said. It was shown at the Toronto Film Festival. Warning to squeamish meat-eaters: Shots in chicken houses, slaughterhouses and elsewhere could be tough to watch.

The film asks viewers to take action…

Click here for the rest of the LA Times article.

Click here to find out what you can do to Take Action, watch videos.


Bonus: my interview with Mr. Pollan is top 10 in google results for both “Michael Pollan video” and “Michael Pollan interview,” whoot!

Walk the Talkshow: Michael Pollan from Alex King & Mito Media on Vimeo.

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