January 28, 2009

Hipster Runoff and the Search for Authenticity on the Web.


We have all been in line at a cafe/American Apparel/AmCo show and seen these AltPeople with their brightly colored tee shirt & glasses combo and wonder if they ever consider themselves to be ironic. It’s no mystery that in the day of the web, styles and ‘personal brands’ that are original or authentic are a rarity. Everything is a pastiche of the past styles and fashions. But thanks to Blogs, we can just talk about these tragically hip souls in a little more detail.

Every so often, we all run across a blog whose author writes with such utter conviction that it becomes a hilarious joy to read. What blog you ask? HipsterRunoff.com writes about the most amusingly ‘authentic’ of ‘personal brands’ which meld together our penchant for being unique. Perhaps you have never heard about an AltBro, or the Boulder’s favorite ‘mainstream/authentic’ hype-machine Girl Talk, or Chuck Taylors, BLIPSTAZ, the ‘amazing band’ AmCo (Animal Collective), or the unfortunate trend of Man Bangs, but if you head over to read the scribblings of HipsterRunoff, not only will you perhaps learn some lingo, but you might get more than a few laughs as well. Searching for the balance between ‘authenticity/mainstream’ is fairly mindful… right y’all?

Some other faves:

“When I f•ck my Girlfriend, I wish I was f•cking Wes Anderson”

“WTF is Brand Lifestyle”

“Suburbia: Big in 2k10?”

“What Kanye West Will Look like After the Sun Explodes

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Read 4 comments and reply

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