January 23, 2009

Ideal Bite does ‘green’ handbags & purses & manbags oh my.


Who’d you love for green info? Ideal Bite is who. Here their daily tippage goes over green handbags, murses / man purses / manbags, and purses.


The Bite

  • Gala-ready designs. Even manbags (or, if you prefer,murses) come in green styles.
  • Eco-companionship. Opting for accessories made with reclaimed, recycled (the average American throws out 68 pounds of clothes per year), and sustainable materials means smaller landfills.
  • Supporting green pioneers. Simple supply and demand: When you support trailblazing designers, more eco-friendly finds will follow.

Personally Speaking
Find out what the weirdest items in our handbags/murses are in the blog (and tell us what you’ve got).


Wanna Try?
A few of our faves are pricey, but a Biter can dream, can’t s/he?


  • Mad Imports Heather Clutch – playful, floral clutch made from renewable raffia by Madagascarian women making fair wages ($30).
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