February 19, 2009

How do we begin to end domestic violence?

Updates:Chris Brown denied visa to tour Australia on character grounds (theguardian.com)

With Chris Brown in the audience, President Obama gave this stirring message to the Grammys.

Parents Television Council vs. Rihanna vs. Rape, Murder vs. Too-Young Fans.

Here’s some Domestic Violence resources, courtesy MTV (reporting on Rihanna / Chris Brown situation). And here’s a video on how to recognize warning signs of an abusive relationship.

Update: Chris Brown denied visa to tour Australia on character grounds (theguardian.com)

Historically, for generations, dads (and moms) have opened regular cans of whoop-ass on moms, lovers and children.

Problem is, our society treats domestic violence as criminal—which may make sense but contributes to the fact that domestic abuse is too often not reported; and number two we do little to educate the men (and women) who have don’t know how to handle anger, don’t remember to breathe, who lose it…who fall victim to temper tantrums…on how to overcome their anger.

I asked my friends on Facebook to write something up about this, but no one came forward. I know nothing about this, but if anyone out there does, please offer some advice, web sites, video links in the Comments section and I’ll fill this blog out a bit more—with thanks for the many children and mommies, and daddies, who might be spared the horrors, pain and shame that is this underreported, left-in-the-dark ongoing American (they work with domestic abuse quite differently in Britain, for example) tragedy.


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Read 12 comments and reply

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