February 21, 2009

Got a Challenge? (The Ultimate Psych-up-Yell-at-Yourself-in-the-Mirror Song)

The other night, I watched 30 Rock for the second time…and in the episode Alec Baldwin, the charming jerky boss is psyching himself up in the mirror before a public speaking gig in front of a bunch of his old pals and important colleagues. 30 Rock being a comedy, Alec doesn’t realize the mic he’s wearing is hot, and the whole assembly hears him shouting ‘You’re a Stallion!’ etc to himself. 

Six months ago, I saw the writing on the wall. The magazine I’d spent 6.5 years creating, and building into a national vehicle for the inspiration of personal and societal change wasn’t viable—if I wanted to maintain environmental integrity (as a magazine gets bigger, its sell-thru rate goes down from say 8/10 to 3/10, which is very bad for the environment & advertisers both). So I took on the unfunded, six month transition of elephant journal into elephantjournal.com—voluntarily leaving behind a steady revenue stream that, among other things, covered my mortgage. Now, I’ve got six days left to pay this month’s mortgage.

Time to yell “You can do it, Stallion!” to myself in the mirror. Time for the ultimate psych up song—Eminem’s Lose Yourself (in the Moment):


Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity 
To seize everything you ever wanted—One moment 
Would you capture it or just let it slip?

Snap back to reality, Oh there goes gravity 
Oh, there goes Rabbit, he choked 
He’s so mad, but he won’t give up that 
Easy, no 
He won’t have it , he knows his whole back’s to these ropes 
It don’t matter, he’s dope 
He knows that, but he’s broke 
He’s so stagnant that he knows 
When he goes back to his mobile home, that’s when it’s 
Back to the lab again yo 
This this whole rhapsody 
He better go capture this moment and hope it don’t pass him 

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment 
You own it, you better never let it go 
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow 
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo 

I’ve got to formulate a plot fore I end up in jail or shot 
Success is my only motherfucking option, failure’s not 
Mom, I love you, but this trailer’s got to go 
I cannot grow old in Salem’s lot 
So here I go is my shot. 
Feet fail me not cause maybe the only opportunity that I got 

You can do anything you set your mind to, man

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Read 3 comments and reply

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