February 23, 2009

Obama on why he likes Jon Stewart (and his audience). Video.

Obama’s a fan. Jon Stewart is known and loved not only for being funny—but for being true to himself, his audience and toward his subjects. As Obama points out in the below video, Stewart speaks a great deal of truth. As only a fool in the king’s court can do, his humor has enabled him to cover the everyday difficult, boring subjects that other mainstream news outlets and viewers glossed over or ignored.

But perhaps it’s not quite so commonly known that…

1) more people between the age of 18 – 45 get their news from this fake news source than any other conventional news source (such as Brian Williams or Katie Couric)

…and, even more amazingly…

2)  those viewers know the issues, and the players in the issues, better than viewers of conventional news.

If only we could apply such magnetism and funny truth-telling to the LOHAS (green, non-new-agey spiritual) demographic.


Bonus: Stewart vs. Thug O’Reilly. One of the great things about Jon is his genuine affection for guests and others who he disagrees with. His capacity for intelligent, winning debate always impresses me.

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Read 1 comment and reply

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