February 16, 2009

review: CorePower Yoga: Yoga on Demand.

Core Power Yoga's Yoga on Demand

You want yoga. But, you’re far from the “social chi” you get by being in a group of people close to you.

Well, there’s Yoga on Demand, from our friends at CorePower Yoga. Here’s what I learned. After reading articles about CorePower Yoga here on elephantjournal.com again and again…I decided to visit the website.

I noticed their section called Yoga on Demand. So, after reading about it a little, I decided to take them up on their free one week trial…

The video delivery on the web works well. I’ve tried several classes, each one hour or so. The instructors know their stuff and talk enough so that you can easily put your laptop in a convenient place and watch the pose, listening to subtle hints and tips as you perform the stretches. The instructors give you enough time and warning so that you can enjoy your yoga without watching the video 100% of the time. When it’s time to change position, you know.


There’s a social network for dogs (I swear!) in Portland called PDX Dog. It has caught on among dogs, and their kind owners, like wildfire. How many dogs do you know that wish they could join in on the Web2.0 craze and be a part of an online community? Well, When I read about Dog Yoga here on Elephant, I had to let those doggies in Portland know.

PDX Dog social network members Benny and Bobo

Bridgette, a PDXDog member, replied “My dogs do yoga with me, some mornings. Other mornings, they stay in bed. You know which one they’re particularly good at? The Downward Dog (oh you knew I was going to say that). :)” Well, you know what I learned on my first Yoga on Demand session? The Downward Dog!

I am having such fun with Yoga on Demand. My trial is over and I’m jonesing for some yoga, so I will be a paying customer riiight now. I heartily recommend Core Power Yoga’s Yoga on Demand.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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