April 9, 2009

Mocky’s “Saskamodie”: Soft & innovative lullabies: a new album review

Mocky has just added crooner to his growing list of musical genre titles.

His new album entitled Saskamodie is sprinkled heavily with his curious tongue in cheek jazz nostalgia. With this, he trickily intertwines samples of subtle instruments like an Irish flute and a Cuban Maraca into a global melting pot of lounge music. His fellow Canadian buddies Feist and Gonzales seem to have had a bit of an influence on this album as it is sweet and relaxed and not so in your face hip hop like a lot of his previous work which is actually just as equally good just very different. I don’t think he cares about impressing anyone or nurturing a certain fan base and that is what make his music so refreshing. I love the duet Birds of a feather, this laid back love song sizzles with his signature playful lyrics. Somehow Someway is a feel good break-up song that he might as well be singing with kermit the Frog. Jiinti, a pure instrumental concoction takes you on some farway Brazilian beach to swim and sunbathe with your dream crush. Play this album for your little ones before they go to bed. Mocky’s wordly lullabies are soft and innovative.

You can listen to this album and others here……

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