May 23, 2009

Summer swimwear interview with deux fm [eco swimwear]

Mystique bikini from deux fm’s Summer 2009 swimwear collection in cream, sky and lilac $82.00

If I was to post a blog on my favorite eco swimsuit I would have to pick my own nautical bikini version. It’s cute, fits well and is sewn with the utmost quality.

Oh! and did I mention it is 100% sustainable made with about as little carbon as a teaspoon of sherbert ice cream?

Designer Anna (me) on designing eco swimwear.

What are they made of? They are made from a rayon and spdx blend quick drying stretch jersey that came from a bunch of “fabric ends” (leftover production scraps) that would have been thrown out as the pieces were too small to make anything else. The ties are made from 100% (Canadian made) quality cotton cord rope, thin enough to be delicate looking and thick enough to be strong. The bikinis are double layered for extra support and are very durable for all summer activities in and out of the water.

How are they made? They are made right here in Nova Scotia (independently) by sewers that also work in one of the oldest underwear factories left in Canada! So they have the skills and the proper machines to make superior quality cut & sew garments.

Why is this important to you? It has always been my goal to produce high quality manufactured garments as close to home as possible. It cuts down on the fuel used for shipping, allows me to control the product during development and before it is shipped to stores. It also helps support local sewing communities by supplying work to those who are qualified and raises awareness to other brands that they too can make a difference by making local products in bulk. Lastly it can educate the public about fair labor and local community focus.

What colors/variations exist? What is exciting about my swimwear is that I use scrap leftovers, (some my own, some I get from mills, fabric suppliers and other designers). The fabric is being used in a sustainable way because we are not wasting anything. Nothing goes in the garbage and that’s really exciting because there are all of these colors and wonderful fabrics that are perfect for swimwear that normally could not be used for anything. I am soon to be getting a lot of new production ends from a mill that makes fabric right here in Canada! The colors are always changing and that makes it fresh all the time. So I can do a few different styles but my customers don’t get bored because there are always new flavors to try. I use patterns that we have been developing over time so that I know the fit is amazing. Hopefully soon I will be able to make bikini tops for larger busted women, but the current styles do give a lot of coverage depending on what size you buy. Full piece suits arriving summer 2010.

What was your inspiration? I love summer, I love the sun, I love color. I was always into the multitudes of colors that JCrew offered for swimwear in their catalog. When I was young I loved getting that catalog and ordering a new bikini every summer. It was a treat to be able to pick from all the different styles and colors and mix and match, it allowed me a certain freedom of expression. If I was feeling like a mint string tie top with a matching bikini brief bottom that was available to me. Ever since I got my first colorfully printed woven cotton bikini by Orla Kiely I bought in Brooklyn I became very interested in all the possibilities that were out there with sustainable swimwear. I think I have about 40 bikinis that I rotate during the summer most of them are deux fm sample styles. I test my bikinis out for months before anyone else does because I want to make sure that they are good in every way a bikini should be.

You can purchase this suit online for retail info click here.

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