June 9, 2009

Letting Go is an Act of Faith.

I am planning to sell most of my things and that’s bringing up a lot of emotions for me.  I never thought I’d leave San Francisco.  I dreamt of being here for a solid five years before making that giant leap of faith.  There might still be opportunities for me here.  In fact, I’m sure there are.  As it turns out, I’ll probably be doing feng shui for brides and making bridal jewelry from my lovely collection of white pearls.  I met someone who also writes for Elephant Journal, lives in San Francisco and creates eco-chic bridal gowns.  We’re planning to connect when she returns from a trip and I’m super excited about that! 

Letting go of  things, people, dreams, mistaken certainties, beliefs, etc. is an act of faith.  Let’s take physical things for example:  when you let go of the things that are no longer part of your present life, like me with selling my stuff being stored so generously by my friends in San Francisco, you’re acting on faith that you’ll have what you need when you need it.  Faith that while those things served you and had a purpose in your life previously, they are now holding you back.  Faith that travelling lightly is ultimately the best way to go.  Faith that by letting go of your stuff, you are creating space for fresh, new opportunities to come into your life.  You’re shaking things up, whether it feels good or right or not. 

Feng shui is often about stretching one’s comfort zones to make space for clarity, new opportunities, and priorities. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing and continue to do in my life.  My things that I’ve so lovingly accumulated deserve new homes and fresh new energy to be breathed into them.  It’s time.  That’s something I think about as I let go.  I ask myself, what am I giving to the universe?  The answer is that I’m offering up all these lovely items that have been sitting unused, taking up space and losing all that energy!  It can feel like a sacrifice, but I know I’ll be gaining much by letting go. 

I’ve spent the last 3 years learning to let go.  As someone with so many hobbies, passions and interests, I accumulated a lot of stuff!  I’ve processed at least three garage-fulls of stuff out of my life.  This “stuff” that I’m confronting tomorrow represents the last big chunk of things that I own.  Right now, I’m not feeling so great about it.  I know, from experience, that I’ll feel much better once it’s done.  Yes, I’ll probably have a good cry, but I know that my spirit will be simultaneously lighter and more grounded in the present. 

As much as I dream of being here for the food, the weather, the culture, the opportunities, and did for so many years before I came, I know that it’s time for something new.  I have to try something different, if only to say that I gave myself a chance to do so.  I’d like to enjoy Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland, and my dream is to have one as a home base and spend time working in each of the others, as well.  If I’m doing “magical eco chic weddings” as my friend suggested (more like channeled) for me, then that seems like a reasonable thing.  I’d also like to do feng shui for fertility (of creativity, projects, and conception).  The two could definitely play off of each other! 

I’m just starting to find my stride and grow into my fairy wings, but I have faith that all is happening exactly as it’s meant to.  It just doesn’t always feel that fabulous with some sticky emotions rising to the surface.  I also had my heart broken more than a few times in San Francisco!  I think it’s time for something fresh, if only to push the reset button! 

I don’t know what is going to happen, exactly.  I know that if I anticipate good things and lots of opportunities, I’ll be more likely to see those things and draw them to myself.  I don’t know exactly how things are going to pan out, where I’ll be, or what life will be like, but I know what I’d like to feel.  I dream of jumping out of bed each morning, excited about the day ahead, all the amazing people that I’m working with, all the projects that get my creative juices flowing, all the new discoveries that I’m making, all the ways in which I’m growing and learning and stretching myself wide open…and basking in the glory of a life of passion, excitement, fulfillment and faith…lots of faith. 

Claire Burstein, whimsically called “the feng shui fairy” is a feng shui consultant, writer and environmental advocate.  She can be reached directly at [email protected].  Info about her services and more of her writings can be found at www.thefengshuifairy.com.  Find her on twitter under the name dynamicbalance.
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