July 31, 2009

elephantjournal.com reviews: Pangea Organics’ hand soap.

Use the word Soaponification in a Sentence

Your strawberry shampoo, likely, has about as much to do with strawberries as…Big K Diet Orange soda with oranges. Conventional soap manufacturers put a lot of crap in their products, some of which serves to get you clean. What their products leave behind, however—both on your skin and in our waterstream—is a lot of chemicals.

Pangea Organics, on the other hand, fills its hip packaging with nothing but real vegetable oils, glycerin (which forms naturally in the soaponification process) and other ingredients you don’t need a scientific chart to know about. And you get your lovely smells, your pretty colors, your nice lather, and your bad self all cleaned up, just the same. There’s no GMOs, animal testing, preservatives, sulphites or detergents.

Of course, to paraphrase wassername in Jerry Maguire, Pangea had me at the ‘hip packaging.’

From elephant journal, Autumn 2004.

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