August 4, 2009

Google Love: What Are Your CO2 Emissions?

The awesomeness of Google never ceases to astound me. With the advent of Google Earth, we were able to secretly reminisce about our childhood by clicking “Street View” to see where we learned how to ride a bicycle. Now, Google has one-upped its mapping efforts by offering–try not to wet your pants, you outspoken environmentalists–a map of the U.S. CO2 emissions!

After I took a minute to enjoy the collage of red, orange and yellow, I realized that the pretty colors are actually symbolic of our efforts to kill the planet. Go us! Red is the ultimate loser with 22.3 million metric tons of CO2 and the spectrum continues down to a florescent green of an honorable 1000 metric tons. High-five for 1000 metric tons.

As everyone knows, Boulder is the epicenter of environmental activism and conscious bike-riders. Hold the applause: 316, 952 metric tons of On-Road emissions and 388,578 metric tons of Electricity Production emissions translates to a very unfortunate orange color. Perhaps Google considered its color-coding system when dealing with something as serious as CO2 emissions, but we ought to all strive to be more (florescent) green.

What are your emissions?

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Read 1 comment and reply

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