August 23, 2009

Last night I hosted an elephant party at Mark Kreloff’s for Robert Mann.

An elephant eco art music salon at Mark Kreloff’s in Boulder, Colorado. Photos.

Last night Dechen Hawk played music, Robert Mann—on a pit stop between NYC and LA, where he’s moving—showed off two week’s worth of new art—and I hosted my “I’m not running for City Council” party at the gorgeous, clean lined Dwell magazine-worthy home of Mark Kreloff that stands above North Boulder Park, looking out to an unparallelled view of Boulder and our iconic Flatirons mountains.

Eco party? Why? Keep your karma neutral, or positive, leave our tired dirty planet green for our next generations. Serve eco compostable to go ware, or serve on real dinnerware etc that you buy off craigslist (so you don’t hafta worry if something gets broken). We invited using Facebook event off facebook.com/elephantjournal, we emailed folks, about 100 came over course of four hours, pretty good for a busy social Saturday. Robert showed off some amazing new work, all completed this week. He’s a great young artist, Pier One bought rights to reproduce some of his paintings, he did a cover for elephant magazine a few years back. One of my favorite people on the planet—always gentle, always sincere, always elegant.

Dechen Hawk played music, and helped invite the masses.

I just ran about having delightful conversations, fun to meet folks. At one point saw a friend who’s had a tough time in a relationship, I directly humorously but seriously said something about her relationship which turned out to be hurtful. I said to her best friend, what do we want, friends who are nice or friends who are true, honest? Mike Smith, of the Trident, laughed at me and said “you’re neither.”

At one point I biked off to Alex King’s stylee gay (happy) party (see some of his photos below), saw Caroline and other dear elephantee friends and met a few cool strangers. At one point I ran into North Boulder Park and saw an “eco” local picnic, a group of gardeners and friends. Boulder is so rich in its culture, a richness that has to do with eco-responsibility, rather than money. Though Californians moved here in droves 10 years ago, there’s still a strong community of “native” Boulderites who want to better the world, rather than just soak it for all it’s worth.

With thanks to the cheery, generous, sincere host Mark Kreloff for offering up his gorgeous home to our wine spilling friends. And thanks to the many who came, and enjoyed.

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