August 27, 2009

Green Reviews. Rainbow Light’s GreenDog Naturals food supplements for a naturally healthy Dog.

I love my dog. You love your dog. We all love our dogs. But what we may forget, in amidst all that love, is that they are what they eat. And while we may be giving ’em good, pricey dog food, a healthy, active, long-living dog needs more. I’ve been giving Redford, my half-lab half-hound the below, and while it’s good for him, he hasn’t said a word against it. I’m sold.

“Free of fillers like wheat, corn and soy, GreenDog Naturals provides essential daily nutrients often missing from even the healthiest organic dog food. Formulated with intelligent potencies in appropriate balance, with probiotics and digestive enzymes, GreenDog Naturals is made with food-sourced ingredients that provide both short- and long-term benefits: optimized digestion, strengthened natural defenses and skin and coat maintenance to support the overall longevity, vitality and wellness of man’s best friend.”

Below is Press Release info:

Rainbow Light <http://www.rainbowlight.com/> , a leader in natural nutrition for over 25 years, enters the pet supplement category with GreenDog Naturals <http://www.greendognutrition.com/index.html> ™.

* GreenDog Naturals product line includes -Whole Dog Daily, Healthy Motion and Omega Glo-Coat 3-6-9
* It is the most comprehensive family, to date, of all- natural and organic canine supplement products.
* These great-tasting supplements, in easy-to-mix powders, chewable bone-shaped tablets, or oil.
* Whole Dog Daily costs only $.35c per day– a mere 10 percent of the price of a daily latte.

New All-Natural and Organic Canine Supplement Line Addresses the Whole Health of the Whole DogRespected Leader in Natural Nutrition Enters Pet Category

PET EXPO, ORLANDO, FL – February 11, 2009 – Rainbow Light <http://www.rainbowlight.com/> ® Nutritional Systems, a leader in natural
nutrition for over 25 years, enters the pet category with the introduction of GreenDog Naturals <http://www.greendognutrition.com/index.html> ™, the most comprehensive family, to date, of all- natural and organic canine supplement products.

The complementary line of GreenDog Naturals – Whole Dog Daily(tm), Healthy Motion® and Omega Glo-Coat 3-6-9(tm) – is a “whole health for the whole dog” approach to support a long and healthy life. High quality does not mean high prices: for example, Whole Dog Daily costs only $.35 per day– a mere 10 percent of the price of a daily latte. These great-tasting supplements, in easy-to-mix powders, chewable bone-shaped tablets, or oil, are available at independent pet specialty stores, www.greendognaturals.com <http://www.greendognaturals.com> , www.fetchdog.com and select Whole Foods Market <http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/> ® stores.

“Our entry into canine health was an easy extension of our expertise in human nutrition. Motivated by our team’s own love of their family dogs, we
wanted to better their lives as well,” said Rainbow Light CEO Linda Kahler <http://www.rainbowlight.com/CategoriesCompany.aspx?Category=9521816c-7dc8-4
841-b581-1e834ddad5f0> . “Our goal for GreenDog Naturals was to create sound research-based canine supplements that comply with the highest quality standards and deliver a difference that dogs can feel and that their owners can see. In our initial sampling, we have already received passionate
customer testimonials about the changes that dog guardians observed in their pets-that makes it all worth it.”

Rainbow Light’s Marci Clow, senior director product researcher and formulator, and Tom O’Leary, Rainbow Light’s K9 health advocate, along with
holistic veterinarian and herbalist Randy Kidd, PhD, DVM, collaborated to formulate GreenDog Naturals. This team, composed of experts from
complementary disciplines, ensured that GreenDog Naturals are effective as a family and as standalone products and address core canine health issues.

Owners know too well that dogs often suffer from multiple health problems that are debilitating and painful for the animal and extremely costly to
treat. “As a dog guardian, I have seen the benefits of balanced nutrition,” said Tom O’Leary, K9 health advocate at Rainbow Light. “As any dog parent
will tell you, if there is one thing we could wish for above all else, it is more time with our dog. At Rainbow Light, we are excited and passionate
about GreenDog Naturals’ protective and preventative benefits for the quality and longevity of a dog’s life through daily nutritional support.”

“During the processing of even premium kibble many nutrients are lost, which compromises a dog’s digestive health, immune system and joint and bone
strength,” O’Leary continued. “So, by giving them natural supplements that deliver essential minerals and vitamins, we are helping our canine
companions live longer and healthier lives.”

According to the Organic Trade Association, organic pet food sales are growing at three times the rate of human food sales. Yet there have been no
significant offerings in organic pet supplements until now. First-to-market GreenDog Naturals products answer this consumer call for a natural, organic choice in canine supplements.

Rainbow Light launches the GreenDog Naturals line:

Whole Dog Daily(tm) <http://www.rainbowlight.com/Categories.aspx?Category=ae09915f-0737-49a6-940
f-89fec723326c>  is the most comprehensive nutritional system available for dogs, providing the benefits of four products in one. Whole Dog Daily
unlocks the nutritional value of a dog’s regular food. It comes in both powder and bone-shaped chewables.

* Optimizes Digestion – Whole Dog Daily reintroduces food enzymes that are naturally occurring in raw whole foods but are missing in processed pet food. Added herbs soothe and cleanse the digestive system. * Strengthens Natural Defenses – This great-tasting supplement
provides 750 million live, multi-strain probiotics, which improves gut health.
* Glowing Skin and Coat – It supplies rich food-source omega fatty acids from Forti-Flax ® organic, cold-pressed flaxseed oil.
* Supports Health and Vitality – Whole Dog Daily provides phytonutrients from antioxidant superfoods, with essential vitamins,
minerals and trace elements.

Healthy Motion®
b-e3239ff28109>  is the only canine product available that provides both short and long-term benefits for mobility as a result of a unique and
comprehensive formulation of ocean-sourced glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin and herbal blends. Healthy Motion comes in both powder and bone-shaped chewables.

* Supports Structural Joint and Connective Tissue Integrity – Healthy Motion contains glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin (from green
lipped mussels).
* Builds Muscles and Maintains Healthy Joints – Contains highest-purity ocean-source omega fatty acids.
* Eases Exercise and Movement Discomfort – Concentrated botanical extracts provide short-term relief to ease discomfort from
aging or overexertion from exercise and daily activity.

Omega Glo-Coat 3-6-9(tm)
3-427b90985b51>  contains exceptionally pure omega oils in a convenient squeeze bottle, providing maximum freshness and less mess. It mixes easily
with pet food.

* Fish and Flax Oils – Omega Glo-Coat contains molecularly distilled pharmaceutical-grade Fresh-Catch ™ fish oil and Forti-Flax ™ organic,
cold-pressed flaxseed oil for the highest purity, freshness and quality.
* Omega-3 Rich for Heart Health – EPA, DHA and high-potency ALA (alpha

lipoic acid) aid cardiovascular health.
* Science-based Approach to Supporting Skin and Coat Health –
Easy-to-digest omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids in balanced ratios promote
glowing skin and coat, helping reduce unseasonal or excessive shedding.

GreenDog Naturals products are available online and in stores at the
suggested retail price of $17.99 for 150 g of Whole Dog Daily or Healthy
Motion; the 12-ounce bottle of Omega Glo-Coat sells for $24.99. GreenDog
Naturals is safe for dogs ages six months and older.

Rainbow Light’s GreenDog Naturals is a proud member of the Natural Animal
Supplement Council.

About Rainbow Light® Nutritional Systems, Inc.:
Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems, a leader and innovator in natural
nutrition since 1981, is best known as the manufacturer of the No. 1 selling
natural multivitamin line, Just Once®, and the No. 1 selling prenatal line,
Prenatal One(tm). The Santa Cruz-based company is dedicated to delivering
bio-balanced(tm) all-natural food-based formulas that are potent and

In every product, Rainbow Light combines research-based optimal potencies
and highly bioavailable complementary nutrient forms with energizing whole
foods, botanicals and digestive support for increased energy and utilization
with no stomach upset. These proven potencies, produced to the highest
quality standards of purity and safety and delivered in a gentle, natural
food base, offer consumers superior value and a difference they can feel
and, in the case of canines, see. Rainbow Light formulas target both general
and specific health concerns for women, men, seniors, children and their
canine companions while building a foundation for overall wellness. Rainbow
Light integrates the best of medical research with respected traditions of
health and wellness to nurture all systems of the body.

In February 2009, Rainbow Light expanded into the pet nutrition category
with its new line of all-natural pet supplements, GreenDog Naturals(tm). For
more information on Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems, call 1-800-571-4701
or visit www.rainbowlight.com <http://www.rainbowlight.com>  or
www.greendognaturals.com <http://www.greendognaturals.com> .

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