August 18, 2009

Your vs. you’re.” It’s vs. “its.”

So you think you’re an English Major. So you think you’re a high school graduate. So I think this is ironic.

Okey, cafe nation, let’s get it straight.

It’s means “it is.” “Its,” on the other hand, is possessive. As in, “Laughing Goat is an awesome cafe, dude. Its patrons are the best.”

Your is also possessive, right? Your burger, your car, your wasted education. “You’re,” on the other hand, means “you are.” Think about it as you right write it—I’m a nerdiac and I still sound it out as I write, frequently.

Nothing wrong with being a little precise, measuring twice cutting once, getting it right. Write?

Update: the sign is fixed.

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Read 15 comments and reply

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