August 8, 2009

There is such a thing as a Free Lunch: Meet the Freegans (w/thanks for tip to Treehugger)

Meet the Freegans from shieldsfilms.com on Vimeo.

Would you do this? If you did, why? If not, why? These folks don’t just question our society, a society that throws out vast amounts of food even in tough economic times, and fails to find a way to save such food from dumpsters…they go out and take advantage of the system, helping to plug leaks in our eco-nomy, and living a truly zero-waste life with a negative footprint (in a postive way). With thanks for the tip to Treehugger, which has far more eloquent commentary here.

Steve is an educated man, a school teacher. He also likes to eat food from dumpsters. Documentary. (6:36) Winner of a 2009 Telly Award and the 2008 International Documentary Challenge “Best Use of Political/Social Issue” award. Spotlighting the freegan movement in Portland Oregon, Meet the Freegans aired last August on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s series Oregon Lens and has screened locally here at the Hollywood Theater, at the 2008 Dokufest in Kosovo, 2008 Hot Docs in Toronto, and at the 2009 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. ShieldsFilms.tv

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