October 12, 2009

Barry Siff, Candidate for Boulder City Council, is a Shoot Out Movie Star!

Fun on the Campaign Trail – Getting Out There! ~ via Barry Siff.

The “Shoot Out Boulder” is a 24-hour filmmaking festival; whereby, 41 teams of filmmakers create a seven-minute film within 24 hours, after being given several “items” that must appear in their film. Held during the weekend of September 25-27, I decided to be creative, get my name, campaign, and face on film. I became a “shooting star”.

My objective was to get in as many films as possible during the 24 hours beginning at six PM Friday evening, through six PM Saturday. You see, the “shooting star” is a contest within the contest, and it was myself vs. up-and-coming “real” actress, Claudia Amacher of Denver.

The two of us frantically gave out our cell phone number and info to as many film producers as possible, while they were all signing up for the contest Friday afternoon. It was a blast!

My first call came at 9:30 that evening, and I secured a role walking by the star of the film on a street corner. We did about five or six takes, and I was done. My next schedule part was to be a “dead guy” just laying on the ground during a sequence of zombie fights (seriously); but, they were running late, and did not show up, as scheduled. I went home.

Just as got back to my driveway (on my scooter), I got another call – it was midnight. I returned quickly to the Pearl Street Mall to play someone dining outside the Cheesecake Factory with my date. We were seated behind the stars of the film. When that concluded at two AM, my cell phone rang, and I was off to the Boulder Creek, where I was part of a raucous group of CU students who proceeded to push an innocent bystander in the frigid waters of the Boulder Creek. It was crazy!

I got home around 3:15 AM, got three hours sleep, and had the biggest role of the weekend just after sunrise. I walked by someone on the street who had just dropped their keys, picked them up, and said:

“nice keychain.”

All told, I was in five films and spoke two words. It was a blast!

On Sunday, the top 10 films were screened to a packed house at the Boulder Theater and I was in the award winning film! I even made the credits; although, my name was spelled Barry Sift. The MC of the event gave a great shout out to this prospective City Council person. But alas, Claudia made it in six films, and was crowned the “shooting star.” No worries, though, I’m already planning my strategy for next year. My goal? Three words!

For more info and to see my cameo in the “making of the shoot out”.

Also, another fun day on the campaign trail began this morning at Sprouts, the newest competitor in the healthy food store marketplace here in Boulder. The store’s grand opening was October 9  and I was there at 6:45, introducing myself to the 200 or so people lined up for the free breakfast and shopping bags being given out free.

Truly, one of the great things about running for office is to meet so many wonderful people, and this was certainly the case at Sprouts. Plus, pretty cool store! Much like Sunflower Farmer’s Market, good stuff at good prices, but in a great location for an area not readily served by the other players. They should do well.

My campaign for City Council has the economy as the #1 priority we should be focusing on as a City. The Shoot Out and Sprouts are two great examples of the vibrancy our City needs more of: positive, fun, healthy businesses that reflect the values of our community. I was thrilled to take part in both!

For more information on Barry Siff’s run for Boulder City Council, please visit his website.

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