October 1, 2009

Boulder: 1st BOCO Conference. “Dine out. Geek out. Rock out.”

An elephantjournal.com enthusiastically-approved event.

The below comes via our friends, including Andrew Hyde, over at boco:

On Friday, we are launching a tech/music/food conference called boco (the little b is not silent, just a little shy) in downtown Boulder. The one-day event will focus on the most inspiring and innovative developments in technology, music and food—including (but not limited to) startups, social media, the music industry, organic and artisan foodmaking and the marketplace that encompasses all those ideas.

The talks will take place in the spacious Canyon Room at the Boulder Public Library with breakout sessions being situated throughout the venue and the city at large. We want attendees (especially those from out of town) to discover the city, so we have designed the conference to be somewhat mobile to reflect a bit of Boulder’s active lifestyle.

Attendees will get free coffee at participating coffeeshops in town, a hosted happy hour, free dinner at some of Boulder’s best restaurants and then a vivifying live show at the Boulder Theater by Paper Bird.

The cost is $99very wallet-friendly by comparison to other conferences. Attendance is capped at 175 and it’s tomorrow, so if you’re coming, move fast!

In six words (for the character-conscious micromedia crowd): Dine out. Geek out. Rock out.

For more information please visit the event website. Or stickers. We have stickers.

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