October 1, 2009

NRDC: let’s stop poisoning Bobcats and Puppies. Send a message with two clicks. Spread word.

Click image above to take action. It sounds madeup, too horrible and senseless to be true: we’re poisoning wildlife, and dogs, on public wilderness lands…at the behest of agribusiness. NRDC will take it from here:

Dear Friend,

It’s a dirty little secret: government agents spread deadly toxic poisons on public lands to kill wildlife at the behest of agribusiness.

Tell the Secretary of Agriculture this shocking slaughter must end.

Most Americans don’t even know it’s happening. But wolves, bears, bobcats and foxes are being senselessly poisoned.

So are dogs. And their painful deaths and needless suffering are almost indescribable.

Compound 1080, one of the killer toxins the government is using, can take up to 15 excruciating hours to kill.

Sodium Cyanide is another poison used in powerful spring-loaded devices known as M-44s that are baited to attract animals. M-44s are distributed throughout our public forests and kill literally thousands of mammals every year. Many animals, including dogs, are unintended victims of this poison device.

America’s public forests and lands exist for our enjoyment and for the preservation of nature. They should be safe places for wildlife, our pets and our families.

That’s why NRDC is launching a massive national campaign to tell Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack that our public lands and forests are NO place for such deadly poisons. We need the Secretary to hear from millions of Americans!

Please tell the Secretary where YOU stand:

Tell Tom Vilsack you want the poisoning to end — and you want it to end now.

Secretary Vilsack oversees Wildlife Services, the government agency responsible for the poisoning. They are supposed to work for you and me, but instead they act at the beck and call of agribusiness that sees many wildlife species as predators or pests.

Vilsack has the power to halt this senseless killing on our public lands. Your urgent letter to him will help create a public outcry he can’t ignore!

There are safe and effective alternatives to poisons. There is simply no reason for this slaughter to continue. But it will, unless we take action to stop it.

No more Compound 1080. No more M-44s. And no more wolves, bears, foxes, and bobcats poisoned on our public lands — endangering our pets and families in the process.

Tell Tom Vilsack to get the poisons off our public lands once and for all!


Frances Beinecke

Natural Resources Defense Council

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Read 1 comment and reply

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