October 25, 2009

There is no Yoga Scene worth being a part of.

Yoga: Scene vs. Community, or Kula.

“It’s great connecting with you, finally, it’s quite a  scene, you got here,”

…I told Kira Ryder tonight in the middle of a long kirtan “party” when she stopped by, in her friendly way, to sit with me for a moment. I said something like that, anyway.

Kira is kind, generous, one of those people whom everyone loves. But for a moment I saw the strength behind her love, a flicker of steel behind her eyes:

“This is not the scene,” Kira cautioned me.

“Right, this is community,” I agreed. But hours later, I’m still thinking about that moment.

I’m impressed at how it was important to her that this was not some manifestation of The Scene. We aren’t trying to be the cool kids at the cool table in the yoga cafeteria. This is about community. Kula. Path.

It’s a big difference, if a subtle one, linguistically speaking. And I’m glad she reminded me of the difference. It’s vital: we’re not here to fulfill our egos.

We’re here to practice, and walk the path, and be of service.

Kira teaching yoga:

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Read 6 comments and reply

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