November 15, 2009

Reflexiones en Perspectiva~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

Reflexiones en Perspectiva

Let not your fears be your strongest foundation. All artist need creative space and time. Peace + love = I

I sat in my kitchen to think about you, about me, about us. The world we are living in and the people we know. Before leaving to Istambul the news gave a dark panorama of the times ahead; a big rain had fall and there was inundation in the city. It was scary to hear and most of all it was scarily said.   There was a sense of insecurity about the trip, and plans were almost changed in order to avoid the chaos and suffering the communication media photographed and aired, videos on Internet showed drowned cars, the people survival against the sudden cleansing of nature. Of course, as it happens often without us even realizing it, perspective was changed into the second dimension timing; our vision was narrowed by what only the frame of the camera, standing a ground level could see. We all called each other in fear of what we would encounter at the end of our journey; -Should we go to Istambul? Should we cancel the trip? Should we change destination and plan order in order to avoid calamity? Or should we just not worry and trust that all is meant to be and that every journey has a secret destination to which the traveler is unaware?

Perspective, I would describe as the space created by your senses in order to perceive different geometry, different reflections of the light.

And perspective seems to be relative to where you are standing, sitting, watching, hearing, touching, smelling, feeling. If you stop while walking in the park, and look down, you’ll see the ground, the grass, the stones, the leaves fallen, the colors and if you are lucky, your dog saying hello to you with unconditional love. If you look around you, you will feel the open space, breath the flowers, see the trees, touch the air, hear the birds or the people. If you look up, you will find the light blue of the sky in the sun of the universe reflected, moving to the time of solarity; a solar system we call it; we seem to be have a strong mysterious attraction towards the concept of systems. I don’t know where the word system came from or who thought the sound o it for the first time in history; I imagine it comes from the realization that all in life has patterns and everything travels time in cycles measured by sound and frequency, that we call Hertz. The ripple effect is everywhere around us, in us.

But if the camera would have been in an helicopter flying Istambul, we would have seen exactly what we came to encounter when we arrived to the Capital of the old know world, where all cultures immortalized by our written stories traveled through, walked in, build on, fought for, lived and died, for years and years and years; a city full of people leaving happily immersed in their own reality and light, in their own activities of the day to makes the days’ end and keep food in the table. Istambul is beautiful, full of life and strong differences in fashion….but a flood? … no where… well, we discovered that it had happened in a part of the city and I can only pray for everybody’s losses and health. If the camera had recorded the incident from the sky, people  far from family would have had more peace knowing the reality of the situation. Mmmm… perspective.

There is certain magic in walking a town where you don’t know anybody and where nobody knows you; it is like being born again with the opportunity to create your surroundings, pick the colors of your painting. What is unfamiliar becomes an interest, there is no time to get bored with trivialities; there is a world to discover.

Life is exactly traveling everyday into a different world, a different space, different people, different focus; an opportunity to embrace who you are in the face of others. Everybody needs to be taken care of by somebody else.

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your by your inferiors, said Plato.

I’ve been in this country for more than a decade. I pay taxes, I participate in the economy of the country, I am creative, productive and peacefull, I love America, and I’ve always had a legal status while in this country. I have never committed a crime or violated the laws of peace. I love Amerika and I am forever thankful for this land.

That is what I remembered when I visited Turkey. Turkey is such an incredible educated country, people speak many languages and are always working and in touch with each other. No one is timid to be in the presence of others and talking is done lively in open air. I remember how much I enjoy walking.

For healing, go out for a walk. Camina. What is that which you know as you walk? Your present rhythm and tone ~ air to breath and sky to look above what we see at eye level or would it be more fitting to say at I level? Sound, words, meaning, interpretation; All part of the resonant energy between at least two transmitters.

As magnetic field, we attract and give energy flow naturally. Regardless of our understanding of that interaction at the atomic level, the interaction is true. Either you attract energy or give energy, or both. Now, the real question here is about the quality of the energy that you are attracting or giving; the quality of energy. Is the quality of the energy hot or is it cold? Is it loose or is it tight? Is it positive or is it negative?
How many breaths you take per minute will tell you how much you are thinking. The less thoughts per minute the more breaths you take. And oxygen is life, weather you are aware of it or not. Oxygen is life.

Ground the self. To the Earth, to the trees, to the steps you are taking. Rhythm and tone, the music of life, we want to keep it in good pulse, strong and vital. Seeking the company of the good is also a yogi duty in practice. It is a very essential part of the practice. I am understanding that this has more to do with time than with people. Time is not linear, not finite and not tangible. It is relative and you can travel it through space, for to travel through space is a journey towards the soul.  To keep your vibrational space at a high frequency will allow you to connect to higher harmonies in the Universe and to avoid the chaos of beginning. It is said that the beginning is the chaos. No coordinal directions, no North, no South, No east, No West, only a center.

Recognizing who your friends are, not meaning who they are but WHO THEY ARE, one by one is a beautiful experience of the beauty of being human, at the cellular level, at the mind level, at the intellectual level, at the emotional level, at the sensational level and greatly appreciated at the vibration energetically level. It is such a wonderful source of power and motivation to live joyfully. Your friends love you and care about you. And a great Sheik advices: when you find people that care about you, stay with them. In such times such as a the birth or transformation, death or transcendence of life, your friends will remain trustworthy and honest. No doubt about that. That is a good friend, right?

What is the importance of friends? In lakesh, Namaste, You are I and we are all mirrors of each other. Who am I? I am You, and when you don’t like me it is you that you are not enjoying yourself when in my reflection.
Like a good friend of mine said recently. To say that nothing in life is serious, now, THAT is POWERFUL.

Much love ~

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