December 13, 2009

Bicycle Commuting without Suffering

Sign Advising not to Ride Bikes on San Cristóbal, Cochabamba, Bolivia

So, you wake up, open the window and smell those smells you smell when it rains. Or, has snowed. Your bike is without rider, beckoning you. But, you think it’s not a good day to ride. You’d rather hang with another rider, Japhy Ryder, and immerse yourself in thought about dhukka…

You could drive your car or take the bus. You know it’s not imperative to take a bike to and fro, wherever you go. You know to use the right tool for the job. But, the pedals call out to you. They say “Ride, ride!” It’s a day of emotional weather, full of turbulence, causing you to be hyperalert. Which is not a bad place to be, after all.

Hercules Bike, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Coach Levi has tips on riding in the rain you’ll appreciate. These include using fenders, a seat cover and water repellent grease, avoiding deep water and rinsing and drying the bike after the ride, including the brake pads.

Geisha graphic on Zebrakenko fixed gear bike

Simplicity has its place. Your fixie is the perfect solution to approaching low cost and maintenance. It’s also an expression of your individuality.

Graphic on Zebrakenko fixie

This Zebrakenko fixie calls out to the East with its anime graphics. Is it a good choice for riding in the rain? That depends on what you enjoy. Most folks would rather have a bike equipped with rain gear, given the choice.

Ron Chandler and bike at McRorie Community Garden, Gainesville, FL

It all boils down to form and function, and ultimately enjoying what you’re doing. So, do what makes sense!

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