December 14, 2009

Gift Suggestions for Meditation Lovers.

Stumped because you need to get a holiday treat for your favorite meditation practitioner?  Today’s your lucky day:  here is a selection of ideas to please any loved one who has a meditation practice or wants to start one.

1.)   Zafu or Zabuton: These cushions are great for providing comfort during seated meditations.  Not sure whether you want to get a zafu or a zabuton or need clarification on the differences between them, visit Sage Meditation for a guide and a wide variety of product choices. If you wish to buy a handmade crescent-shaped zafu filled with buckwheat hulls, check out the ones by Inner Space Yoga. They are constructed of heavy-weight bright colors (black and brown are also available) and are made locally in North Carolina.

2.)   Meditation Timer: A meditation clock is a wonderful way to keep track of the amount of time spent sitting.  It offers a distraction-free method of clocking your meditation time, and can also be used to time yoga practices.  This one by Enso also has an alarm that sounds like the chimes of Tibetan singing bowls.

3.)   Books: There are many wonderful books on meditation to choose from for those newer to the practice to those with more advanced experience.  Two great examples are:  Silence and Beginner’s Guide to Buddhist Meditation both by Christina Feldman.  The former describes the benefits of five minutes of silence everyday.  It outlines a four-part method to achieving silence in your life.  The Beginner’s Guide is a great introduction to Buddhist meditation and might be just the ticket to jump start a practice.   It describes methods of meditation and details specifics such as proper ways to sit breathe and even dress.

4.)   Magazine Subscription: You could send your favorite meditator a subscription to either Shambhala Sun Magazine or Tricycle Magazine.  Such a gift would provide months worth of inspiration.

5.)   Mala: Many people find the use of malas, or a chain of beads used for chanting mantras, helpful for meditation.  Many different varieties of malas are available; some include 108 beads such as this mahogany obsidian one by Jewels of Saraswati.

6.)   Donation: If your meditating loved one has everything, perhaps consider a donation in their name to an institution that promotes mindfulness such as Naropa University.

Whether your loved one needs a book, a mala or merely a phone call for encouragement, we hope this list helps with your shopping.  We wish you a mindful, contemplative and peaceful holiday.


Zafus courtesy of Inner Space Yoga
Mahogany and obsidian mala courtesy of Jewels of Saraswati

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Read 11 comments and reply

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