February 5, 2010

Are “Real Men” Green? The Super Bowl Edition. ~ Elleni Cladis

As the Saints come marching in and the Colts get raring to go, it’s time to think about what colors you’re going to support: will it be the black and gold, the blue and white…or the green? Wait, green?  That’s right, people, the greening of your Super Bowl viewing has begun.

From Huffington Post:

Aside from watching football, the biggest part of Super Bowl Sunday is spending money on two things: greasy, game food, and electronics. According to the Retail Advertising and Marketing Assn, consumer spending is expected to reach $8.9 billion, with the average American spending $52.63. Of the estimated 168 million people who will watch the game, at least 3.6 million will take advantage of sales and buy a new television. With so much spending going on, there’s no better time to support local and organic products. …click here to view the rest of the article on Huffington Post.

Proceed at your own risk.

To beer me or not to beer me

Want to crack open a cold one, but trying to be healthy and sustainable?

Many beers don’t fulfill an environmental friendly brew, and the ones that do would be hard pressed to find at a football game, but never fear.  Try cracking, or rather, because some adjustments will have to be made, in this instance, you’ll perhaps want to “twist,” open your SIGG water bottle and enjoy the good taste of water; good for you, good for the environment and chicks dig it.

How can I be so sure?  Because I’m a chick.

If you’re at the game, think about how much money you’ll be able to save and all the emotions you’ll be able to hold in – and just one year, wouldn’t it would be nice to talk to your friends the next day without having to hear about how you tried to explain how viable and important the chicken dance is to the American economy? If you’re watching from home, the act of greening your beverage choice is taken to a whole new level – you just have to “turn” on the faucet, place a compostable cold cup underneath and enjoy! This is sure to be an effective beverage choice for your party, especially if it’s a group of people that doesn’t know each other very well – awkward silences are made more intense and fun! In both cases, since you won’t be suffering from a hangover the next morning, you will be able to get to work on time and focus 100 percent on your job.  The only downside is perhaps you’ll have to listen to how much beer others drank in honor of either the victory or loss of their team, but you will be able to persevere.  This is a win-win situation.

Bikes are better: They get the job done with only 2 wheels

Forget tailgating, guys!

Try blanketgating or even bikegating.  These terms may sound silly, and it’s probably because they’re not actually real words, but it’s the idea behind them.  Come game day, several hours before, don’t drive up to the parking lot in a gas-guzzling-earth-killing car, because the time has come to be progressive and cooler.  Armed with a blanket in the front holder and a picnic basket in the back holder of your bike, pedal up confidently (this probably would work best if there is a big group of people to do this with you; otherwise, the plan might need to be aborted due to unruly fans dedicated to the more traditional, un-green – and therefore, uncool – tailgating activities.  Forget the charcoal grilling and chicken wings – lay out the blankets, pull out the sustainable Tupperware filled with healthy, locally bought food, and enjoy.

On a side note, in addition to the Tupperware, all utensils and plates must be biodegradable or, at the very least, recyclable.  In the words of Chris Berman, you could…go…all…the…waaaay (environmentally speaking of course) in the age-old tailgating tradition of “tossing the ol’ pigskin” by using the Fair Trade Football, which is eco-friendly and vegan.  A fun game to spread the word of green would be to steal someone else’s less vegan football and try and make them figure out which one is eco-friendly and which one isn’t.  Though this sounds entertaining, unfortunately, after more thought, it probably wouldn’t last long, as threats to do some damage to your derriere would send some acid rain on one’s green parade.

Veggies are good for you – it’s proven

And what’s with this bullcrap that “real men eat meat?”

Well, in today’s green world, real men eat real non-meat products designed to take the place of real meat.  It’s quite the revolution.  This Super Bowl Sunday, instead of throwing some dogs and burgers on the grill with gusto, try, with the same amount of gusto, mind you, throwing some manly tofu and macho boca burgers on the grill!

There, you just saved an animal – never mind the strange stares you’ll be getting from guests who were under the impression they’d be getting the traditional hamburger to go with their seven-layer bean dip and extra cheesy Dorito chips.  That was soooo 2009.  In 2010, men are shaping up and making the healthy choice for their bodies. Take, for instance, the bold choice of using snap peas and hummus instead of chips and dip, or the equally bold choice of a biodegradable Tupperware full of carrots and other various greens to the stadium.  Don’t stop there! When you’re finished eating your veggies at the game and you whip out the peanuts, collect the shells in a bag and take them home to your compost site afterwards.  You’ll get double karma points for this one.

Look awesome and support the environment

Last, but not least, use eco-face paint or eco-paint for your posters and banners.  And don’t forget your eco-friendly and organic cotton made clothing!  It’ll just feel better, knowing a difference is being made simultaneously as you are screaming and cheering your lungs out for your team.

So this year, real men (or women, it was just easier to use the male moniker because of the overplayed stereotype of what a “real man” is) should wear green to their Super Bowl parties.  Don’t worry about “Manning” up, because with these helpful little hints, it’s a “Brees.”

Via Audi, a new series of “Green Police” commercials:

Via our friends at MNN:

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