February 4, 2010

I walked in shouting on my cell phone ordered a quick drink told ’em to hurry I’m good friends with Dave then snapped a few photos of my crew with my iPhone (plus flash app) then staggered out singing this awesome new song by Band of Horses at the top of my lungs.

The First Rule of The Bitter Bar is, Don’t Talk about The Bitter Bar.

Actually, the first rule of Boulder, Colorado’s The Bitter Bar is come prepared to order a cocktail that will light up your mind to the art (or is it craft) that is alcohol, mindfully-mixed.

And the third rule at The Bitter Bar‘s Happy Noodle is, don’t take flash photos (an homage to speakeasies of yore, James Lee, Dr. Mixologist-in-Residence, informed my little party tonight).

But my fave has got to be number four:

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Read 8 comments and reply

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