February 16, 2010

Special Event: Green Business Panel at the 8th Annual Conscious Life Expo: “Creating a Thriving Green Economy for Greater LA”

Green Business Panel Before Discussion

Los Angeles: A Place of Community, Integrity, Innovation and Quality

The Greater Los Angeles area has much to offer in terms of green businesses, innovative thought and networking events geared towards raising consciousness and promoting sustainability. On Friday, February 12th, I had the privilege of attending a green business discussion panel at the “8th Annual Conscious Life Expo” in Los Angeles, CA. It was called “Creating A Thriving Green Economy for Greater LA”. This panel featured six of Los Angeles and Santa Monica’s prominant green business leaders.

Worth the Trip

After taking the Metrolink up from Orange County, hopping on a bus and taking a walk, with suitcase-on-wheels in tow, I finally arrived at the LAX Hilton. I found my way to the room where the discussion was to take place, said a quick hello to the panelists that I knew, was asked by Greg (the moderator) to take some pictures with his camera, and got settled.

Community Activism at Work

Shortly after, a woman named Sherry got up and announced to the audience that she wanted to start an e-mail list for all those interested in hearing more about current happenings in the L.A. green scene. The panelists got behind the idea and we gathered resources to put together an impromptu e-mail list.


When all the panelists had gotten settled in, Greg introduced himself and the others to the audience. He asked each panelist to give some background information as to why sustainability is important to them and their reasons for being involved in the green business movement. He mentioned that there are ten green business groups in Los Angeles, six of which were represented on the panel.

Susy Borlido grew up in a family where sustainability was a part of life and feels strongly that one person can make a difference. As the Director of the Business Greening Program for Sustainable Works, Susy heads the student greening program at Santa Monica College and she educates students, residents, businesses and communities through her program.

Jennifer Gooding said that green business is what kept her in Los Angeles when she would have otherwise moved away due to cultural preferences. Jen got her start in animal welfare and was asked to start the Los Angeles chapter of Eco Tuesday, a “sustainable business leader’s networking forum”. Jen now coordinates…click HERE to read more on Huffington Post!

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