March 9, 2010

Elephant Is My Hot Hot Sex. ~ Claire Flannery

New Music for Old People.

Claire gives Waylon some new music recommendations for his outdated taste.

“Totally danced in my apartment alone to this last night.”

Sitting here in the office, Waylon keeps talking about how he needs new music. Our conversation:

Me: “Waylon, what have you been listening to lately?”

Waylon: “I listened to I Ran by Flock of Seagulls like 150 times,” and “just once, I swear, Everybody Dance Now by C + C Music Factory, which takes me back to high school in VT. Oh and I love The Killers and Franz Ferdinand, but they’re old news; and Philip Glass and lots of boring [translation: lyric-less] stuff for when I’m editing.” And here’s where our staff all disapproved, “And I gotta say I love Jack Johnson.”

…for nostalgia? maybe. listening pleasure? c’mon Waylon, seriously?

In addition to those ancient tunes he’s spent at least 15 minutes doing nothing but checking CSS music videos on YouTube, while Lindsey and I try to tell him about more recent music that he might enjoy given his inclination for electro pop dance music. Not that I don’t enjoy CSS, but their “Music is My Hot, Hot Sex” was hip, like, three years ago:

As Waylon said himself, “I have good taste, I’m just ign’t, help me!”

It’s about time to get with it.

I hope it’s as obvious to the reader as it is to me that poor old Way is way behind on the music scene, with the exception of his interest in Glass Candy [Portland] and Little Boots [UK], both electro-pop, beatbox inspired bands. He deserves to be updated with some more music, via yours truly, self-proclaimed elephant journal resident elitist music advisor. So Waylon (and old colleagues of W), when you read this, check out the videos and download or buy (let’s support these musicians!) my music suggestions, because they’re totally worth it.

Along the electro-pop spectrum is Passion Pit. Based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, this five member band emerged from east-coast schools and blew up on the scene this past year or so.I appreciate their sound, but frankly it’s been overplayed waaay too many times for me to actually sit through their Chunk of Change album anymore. Here’s a video of my favorite song of theirs, “Sleepyhead”:

Hercules & Love Affair– I just came across this great new disco house band based out of New York. I got the album last week and have been listening to it frequently. Lets get groovey to this track “Blind”, with fast percussion and stacatto horn sections.

Lyyke Li—The Swedish music scene is on point right now. (Fever Ray anyone?) Lyyke Li is getting much deserved hype—even Waylon listens to her—her voice is quirky and enticing. I dig this chick music and love the lighting and editing of this video:

Change of pace from electro-pop to indie to surfer rock. I present to you, King Khan and The Shrines. Totally danced in my apartment alone to this last night. If you like this, be sure to check out King Khan and BBQ Show. King Khan doesn’t make music videos, they’re too raw for that industry. Video quality not that great. fyi:

Memory Tapes based out of New Jersey, more dancey electronic. Their album Seek Magic is pretty dynamic. I love his voice.

A turn to more mellow acoustic sound out of North Carolina, The Bowerbirds. Here’s a visually stunning video for my favorite tune of theirs, “In Our Talons”. The band’s harmony is rich and reminiscent of klezmer music. Lovvve it:

The Xx is a four member band from the UK. All under the age of 22, this group has melodic tunes, soft drum machine beats that remind me of Broken Social Scene. The mix of the girl’s voice and guy’s voice creates a beautiful juxtaposition.

I listen to this song late at night alone in my apartment. Cinematic Orchestra can be categorized as experimental/ambient and heavy on the jazz and soul:

And for good fun, let’s listen to one of my favorite kinds of music. TECHNO! An electronic staple for me based out of Germany, Booka Shade. This duo is electro house at its finest with elements of deep minimal to get anyone shaking (or, maybe just me). This is my favorite song by them,”In White Rooms” off their Movements album, circa 2006:

Those are but a few of the music that I have been digging on lately, and hopefully Waylon (and some of you) will take some cues.

I would also recommend, if this isn’t enough:

Animal Collective, AU, Boards of Canada, Bon Iver, Black Jazz Consortium, Pantha du Prince, DJ Sprinkles, Talk Demonic, Trentemoller, Real Estate & Lusine.

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