March 12, 2010

Fashion Futures 2025: Global scenarios for a sustainable fashion industry [Forum for the Future + Exciting deux fm poll!]

A photo clip from Fashion Futures 2025: Global scenarios for a sustainable fashion industry presented by Forum for the Future.

This most interesting article includes a break-down of the four possible scenarios for the future of global fashion and how fashion businesses can work on being ahead of the sustainable game through innovative business and development techniques. The information data was compiled by several experts in the field of fashion and/or sustainability including Levis Strauss & CO. I first heard of this through our favorite sustainable style maven Summer Rayne Oakes. Summer is an incredibly smart, beautiful and stylish woman and the perfect spokeswoman for sustainable fashion.

I personally related with the 2nd option “community couture”. (read on below…)

It seems like the most realistic scenario but of course elements from all the scenarios would exist throughout. There is too much good info for me to shorten into a quick summary and blather about my own opinions- you really just need to read it. I have included the four scenarios as a start and if you want to read more click here.

*The article inspired a project that I think will be quite a valuable tool for my sales and marketing strategy for my eco-ethical fashion label deux fm.


It has been a hard couple of years and listening to the buyers tell me all sorts of different things I have finally stopped trying to impress them and think about the customer. The whole retail model is changing and all companies should adapt to the times or else we will be swallowed up in debt or worse- selling out. So the project- I have to give credit to fashion Futures 2025 for this- is a public poll asking each poller to vote for their top 5 favorite pieces from the Deux fm Fall 2010 collection. This is doing two things, helping me get an idea of what people want and giving it to them while not wasting time, money and carbon into items that will not sell. Producing less is more in these troubling times and why not make it fun? I already have almost 100 votes (that’s 20 people) and I am hoping for much more. It’s interesting seeing the results because there are already huge favorites- maybe this will make my life much easier! It will provide me with vital information while allowing myself to market yet another approachable, practical and realistic method of sustainability.


I am working on getting Waylon to install a plug-in for my poll but at the moment you can go vote for your favorite 5 pieces from the deux fm Fall 2010 collection here.

Thank you for voting!

xo anna

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