April 2, 2010

Evolution: Telling the Truth.

“Everybody lies” one time or another.

It seems to be the easiest way out to some very human experiences. What to tell your parents when they ask something private, that belongs only to you, and you are not ready to share the answer but you do not want to hurt their feelings? A lie. What to tell your teachers, when your scores depend on the presentation of your homework, but you didn’t do it for whatever reason? You don’t want to appear irresponsible, and hoping to awake their compassion towards your situation…you lie. Or when your friends are pressing for an answer about what is happening to you at the moment, or what is happening to somebody you know at the moment, and you rather not say but you don’t want to push your friends away? You lie. Or maybe the image that people have about you sometimes is not exactly quite the way things really are, between having your ego crushed experiencing a difficult moment in which you are being judged by others, or keeping up the illusion with a simple omission of the truth…oh well, you lie. The list goes on and on and on.

Lies come in different sizes and colors. We have huge lies, big lies, little lies and white lies. Loving lies and bad intended lies.” Justified” lies and fun lies. For some lying is a sport; they do it for fun. For others, lying is a habit, a way of communication, learned by the conditioning of their environment, parents, teachers, they don’t know another way to words. For a few, lying is a sickness, they will never accept to themselves they are lying. Whatever the degree of your lies, lying is a vice of character.

All religions, which ever you choose, have as a moral practice the quality to say the truth. But telling the truth is not easy 99% of the time, and in these times of speed and multitude lying gives you the illusion that it gets you faster to where you want to get. TV is a big lie. Politics is full of lies. Health Care lies and lies. Insurance? What a lie! Corporations, they lie to you from day to day, shopping malls, wow, and one lie after the other. Your friends, your family, your teachers, your boss, your parents, they all lie to you.

So where do we find the motivation to speak the truth? How to be inspired into speaking of things as they are and not as we want them to be for this reason or that reason?

First understand what is the Truth. There is no particular section of the world, or any special group of people, that may claim truth as an exclusive heritage. It is the rightful possession of every person, and constitutes the equality of all souls. If you do not make an effort to know truth, to perceive it beneath the veils that hide it, you will not discover your own real nature and will therefore remain at the mercy of outside forces of “circumstances.” The Ultimate truth is the same for everyone, to see things as they are and not how you want them to be is the realization of the Truth. When you speak the truth you are in synchronization with the law of Nature. The law of Nature is, regardless of you being able to see it or understanding it, when you speak the truth the shift from moment to moment syncs with the proper way of how things change, how experiences come to arise, how experiences come to pass away. Constant changing is the ultimate truth. Every lie you say takes you further away from your own realization of that truth and what is worse, creates and illusory reality for those around you, causing your self the Karma of harming others which takes your further and further away from your own liberation from suffering. How is that for motivation?

When in doubt of the meaning of what is truth, observe your body, observe the sensations in your body, observe your mind, observe the contents of your mind; and if you must speak, say things as they are, at the present moment. Like a wheel, one truth will take you to the other and you will, faster than a UFO, get to where you are going, in real harmony with existence, without harming others, without harming yourself.

How to know if you are telling the truth?

Those who choose the correct words:

1. Speak the truth and are sincere with others.

2. Reconcile those who are enemies, and motivate those who are united.

3. Enjoy harmony, look for harmony, are happy in harmony and create harmony.

4. Use words that are gentle, nice to hear, kind, caring, courteous, affable and pleasant to many.

5. Speak in the right moment, adjusting to reality, adjusting to what is good, adjusting to the enlighten way of conduct.

6. Use words that are worth being remembered, opportune, timely, well reasoned, well chosen and constructive.

How to know if you are lying?

1. Listen to yourself.
“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”


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