April 23, 2010

Peeking in from the Outside via Tamara Star

I love this blog post from my friend Tamara’s  site Daily Transformations

There is an adobe house for sale that I’ve looked at from the outside (for 19 years) in my neighborhood.
An adobe happens to be my long time dream to own and it’s on a sweet plot of land here in Colorado.

For 19 years I’ve walked by, cycled by, and driven by this house craning my
neck to get a second and third look.

In my head, I’ve moved in, planted a garden, decorated, and lived in this home with the people I love. I’m also embarrassed to admit that I’ve oftentimes looked around my own home with disappointed eyes after being starry eyed over this adobe.

If only I lived in a home like THAT….life would be so wonderful.

Finally last week, I walked in. The gate was open, the house was empty since it’s for sale, and someone had actually left the door ajar.
So…I did the only logical action I could think of; I walked in.

I was blown away.
My dream home finally!!
It was nothing as I imagined. I was disappointed. This was not my dream home.
This was not where I would put my garden, my decorations or the people I love.
I had wasted so much energy dreaming about this place and disparaging my own home.

I’ve done this before.
I’ve dreamed of living in a big home, only to date someone that had a home twice as big as I had imagined living in and of course….after a few
weeks, it was no big deal. It was no better than my own home, just bigger.

I’ve dreamed of living in a log cabin, only to spend a summer in one and realized after a few weeks, it was again, no big deal.

After living in a tropical paradise for 3 weeks, I was ready to return home.
I drove a porsche for a summer and missed my jeep after a while.
Took some time off without working and missed the business of a job.

You see, I’ve finally realized that it’s just human nature to think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.
Jump over the fence and stay awhile and you realize that your own yard is kind of pretty.

My married friends dream of being single again. My single friends dream of being married. Corporate friends dream of self employment and self employed people dream of corporate security.

I’ve started appreciating what I do have in my life and while it’s fun to dream; I keep it in perspective.
I remember that if my current house was taken away, i would most likely be dreaming of home.


~photo by Danilo Rizzuti from freedigitalphotos .net

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