April 22, 2010

The Future Of Eco-Fashion: Crystal Ball Predictions!

The fashion world loves recycling. From classic 40’s pencil skirts to flouncy neon 80’s dresses, style always seems to come full circle. Recently, more and more fashion designers are using recycled materials and futuristic fabrics made from plastic bottles, soy byproducts, and even chicken feathers.

In celebration of Earth Day, I  took an in-depth look at the the future of eco-fashion, including some of my favorite fabrics and eco-designers on Bodies in Space, a cool website focusing on the neurology of creativity, and living a joyful and sustainable life.

Read on to see how you can be the most fashionable environmentalist around!

Eco Chic? Fashion Futures?

As a child, I loved watching old Sci-Fi movies and imagining how the world would look in the distant future. Invariably, my Space-Age humans wore shiny polyester bodysuits or metallic Mod dresses as they zoomed around on their hoverboards. Now that this “faraway future” has arrived, I realize the fashion of 2010 is so much softer, more natural and organic than I had ever visualized.  Re-using and recycling materials is the new future as our society moves toward lowering our carbon footprint and creating a new eco-fashion design industry.

In fact, the excitement over eco-fashion is contagious and designers everywhere are gravitating toward sustainable fabrics and techniques that can turn discarded natural resources into fabulous new materials.  In 1993, Eco-Spun, a recycling pioneer, first developed a way to turn plastic bottles (PET) into a fleece-like material and since then, the recycled fabric industry has exploded.  Playback Clothing — a viable alternative to American Apparel– takes the technology one step further by making clothing from old X-Rays and using the natural colors of the plastic to create several unique hues such as “Beer Bottle Brown.” Sexy swimsuit designer, Eco-Panda recently dove into the eco-fashion market, creating bikinis from 100% recycled nylon thread.  Lyocell, a supple material made from cellulose (wood fibers)….

Read the Full Article AND my Predictions for The Future of Fashion at

Bodies in Space: Your Brain Fitness Guide To Living Well and Green in 21 C.

Image: Chanel’s “Eco” Faux-Fur.  Earth-minded or Green Washing? Karl Lagerfield flew in a 30 ft. tall glacier from Sweden to Paris for the global-warming inspired runway show. Hmm…

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