May 19, 2010

50% of the Quality of Your State of Mind Depends on Your Posture.

Buddhism: 50% of your State of Mind is dependent on your Posture.

Buddhism teaches that half of your mind or mood is reliant on how you carry yourself, your posture. Learn more below.

Synchronizing Mind and Body in the Present Moment = Effortless Elegance.

Let us have good head and shoulders—the basic elegant posture of enlightenment.  ~ Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Growing up, I studied Buddhism. I can’t tell you how many times we’d be reminded that half our state of mind was dependent on our posture.

Our teachers would remark that, of course, you can tell when someone is depressed—they slump. Problem is, it’s self-fulfilling. It’s hard to cheer up, mentally, when, physically, you’re slumped.

I remember, too, reading that Chogyam Trungpa remarked on how friends would edge to their seats and sit up bolt upright in the movie theater when they were excited. You can see a sort of peace and presence in calligraphy experts—and that physical elegance, whether manifested through art or dance or everyday life—further manifests in our inner and outer actions.

This is such a simple point that it’s easy to overlook how easy, and powerful, a tool this is to keep in mind. When you’re depressed, make an effort to sit up, and relax. When you’re excited, make an effort to breathe.

It’s an easy way to bring your state of mind into a happier place.

Resources to Improve Your Posture to Better Your Mind:

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